Landscaping Tips for Summer 2022

Longer days and sunnier skies mean it’s garden season, so get your outdoor space ready for the warmer months with these landscaping tips for summer 2022.


Make Space to Socialise

As we enjoy a summer free of social distancing and lockdown restrictions, entertaining at home is back in fashion. A patio provides the perfect spot to eat, drink, and relax with friends and family, turning the garden into an extension of your living space. Soften the stonework with pots and planters filled with fresh greenery and summer blooms, or use the patio as a place to try your hand at home-grown produce.


Water Responsibly

A garden needs regular hydration to remain looking its best, but have you considered what you use to water your garden? Switching from a hose to a watering can will save water and, over time, could help reduce household bills. To make the most of summer showers, use a water butt or other containers to collect rainwater, and fill your watering can for free.


Work From Home Goals

If remote working is here to stay, a summerhouse can double-up as a dedicated home office that offers peace, privacy, and pretty garden views. Investing in a bespoke summerhouse is a great alternative to working at the dining table or in the spare room. Plus, at the weekend it can be repurposed as a place to play and relax in the shade, or out of the rain.


Go Wild

Leave part of your lawn to grow wild to encourage bees, butterflies, and other wildlife. Longer grass provides a place for critters to hide and breed, while wildflowers are a big hit with insects. Less grass to mow is another benefit of this planet-friendly trend. To bring in more bird life, try growing climbing plants against walls to provide feathered friends with shelter and a place to roost.


Sort the Shed

The start of the summer is the perfect time to declutter the shed and ensure essentials like the lawnmower, garden furniture, and paddling pool are easy to access. Empty everything out then sweep and clean the shed to get it set for the new season.


If you don’t have a shed, or your existing one has seen better days, consider introducing this valuable addition to your garden. Perfect for homes without a garage, sheds can be made bespoke to fit your plot – including lean-to designs which are built against a fence or wall to provide storage where space is limited.


Grow Your Own

Not only is growing your own fruit and vegetables a great way to add fresh, delicious ingredients to your daily meals, but it could also help you enjoy a slightly smaller grocery bill. You don’t need tonnes of space to give it a try – herbs, tomatoes, and chillies are all happy growing in containers or pots, as are salad leaves for summer lunches. 

Spring onions and broccoli can be planted in June, as well as pumpkins ready for Halloween, which can be started in pots before being planted out later. Meanwhile, in July, it’s time to sow spring cabbage, turnips, and carrots for warming autumnal dishes.


Refresh Fencing

Tired or faded fencing looks less than impressive, so make the most of a sunny day to update the fence with a fresh lick of paint. If your fencing is showing signs of wear and tear, consider replacing damaged panels or the whole fence if necessary, as a broken fence can make your home less secure – especially for young children or pets playing in the garden.


Bring Your Ideas to Life With Blaby Fencing & Sheds

Whatever your plans for your garden this summer, Blaby Fencing & Sheds can help turn your ideas into a reality. Offering a range of landscaping services, plus bespoke sheds, summerhouses, and fencing, our team can transform your outdoor space into your favourite place to spend the summer. Call 0116 2776553 to take the first step towards a garden to be proud of.