Winter Landscaping Tips for 2022

Aside from the colder temperatures and less-than-appealing weather at times, there are benefits to working in the garden through the winter months. Here are some tips for things you can do during the winter to keep your garden ticking over.

Sweeping and Cleaning

To instantly make your garden look better in the winter, sweep or rake up the fallen leaves. You can add these to your compost bin, if you have one. As well as giving your garden a fresh look, it can also prevent slips and trips in the garden.

It’s also a great time to give your patio a bit of TLC. Choose a day that isn’t too windy and hire a pressure washer to clear the stains that accumulated over the year.

Tending to plants

Apart from evergreens, most trees and plants will be in their dormant states during the winter months. It’s easier to work around them without causing any harm or damage. It’s often easier to see your planting arrangement more clearly in winter, allowing you to see where plants or trees may need pruning, or where there is room to plant new ones.

Supporting wildlife

Wildlife tends to become more dormant in the winter. Landscaping in the winter means you’re less likely to disturb wildlife, allowing you to complete the job at hand without any – potentially cute – little surprises being uncovered.

It’s also a great time to assess how you can encourage new wildlife into your garden, such as adding bird feeders and nesting boxes. Ensure your pond or bird bath doesn’t freeze over by adding a floating ball to the water, to make sure wildlife can still access the water source through the winter.

Prepare for planting

Winter is a great time to plan ahead and think about what plants you want flowering in Spring and Summer. By planning ahead, you can make sure you have purchased the relevant bulbs and seeds and researched the best time to plant them. This will make sure your flowers are blooming right on schedule.

Tulips can be planted as late as December or January, and will bloom in the Spring, although slightly later than other plants.

Maintaining sheds and greenhouses

While there may not be much planting going on, winter is a great time to clear the clutter from your shed, garage, or greenhouse as well as checking whether the structures themselves need any maintenance. Getting everything ready in the winter means you’ll be prepared for the warmer months.

Repainting fencing

Fences are more easily accessible in the winter months due to the reduction in plants and foliage. Weather proof paint is a must if you want to keep your fences in good condition. Alternatively, if your fences have fallen beyond repair, winter is a good time to think about getting new fences installed.

Landscaper availability

During winter months, most people choose to stay indoors and keep cosy. This is a perfect time to hire a contractor for any landscaping or building work, as their waiting lists will usually be shorter through the winter months. With some prior planning, the weather shouldn’t be too much of a factor so long as your garden projects are given a long enough time frame to allow for a few wet days.

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